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The Art of Well-Designed Living

In order for our lives to feel harmonious, our lifestyles and our environments have to be in sync.  Cailen Ascher Design specializes in just this – well-designed living.  Their mission is to not only create beautiful interior spaces but also to evaluate, refine, or even “design” the lifestyles of their clients.  Cailen Ascher Poles, owner and head designer, puts it this way: “It’s nearly impossible to know how you want your home to look or feel if you are not comfortable with your current lifestyle.  Our homes are extensions of ourselves.  We work with many of our clients to evaluate their passions, desires, and goals before we attempt to create a living environment for them.”

Cailen goes on to say: “Oftentimes our homes, which are supposed to be our sanctuaries, are the very places that deplete our energy the most.  Unorganized home offices, non-functional living room layouts, and messy kitchens absorb our thoughts and energy and reward us only with stress and fatigue.  Taking the time to define ourselves and our needs is an essential step in the process of well-designed living and the first step toward creating surroundings that nurture us.”

If clients choose, Cailen will assess and make-over their fitness regime, eating habits, and mental and spiritual wellness.  Cailen explains: “In order for a design to be truly successful, you have to trust your instincts and also work to accentuate the best features.  Knowing this, I work with my clients to help them figure out what will work for them in their unique situation.  It may seem like a strange concept to ‘design’ your lifestyle, but it’s vital in creating the life you want and deserve”. 

Cailen says that “at Cailen Ascher Design we pay particular attention to two main pillars in our clients’ lives – their bodies, both physical and spiritual, and their environment.  We recognize that without stability, confidence, and beauty in both these areas, their lives feel imbalanced and stressful.”

So how do you know if you are in need of some well-designed living guidance?  Cailen says that not all her clients request lifestyle designs.  Some feel comfortable with their current situation and only need her to address interior design issues.  Yet, others come to her because they have identified that something is missing from their lives, and they are not sure exactly what.  In these cases, Cailen Ascher Design works with them to refine their lifestyle before addressing their living environment.

In addition to working with clients, Cailen is currently working on a book entitled, Well-Designed Living, which explains her philosophy of designing the home and defining the self.  It will empower readers to evaluate and refine their lifestyles and guide them as to how to make their homes a reflection of the life they want.

Cailen Ascher Design offers interior design and decoration, home staging, re-design, event decoration, and lifestyle design services.  If you are interested in learning more about Cailen Ascher Design or the art of well-designed living, visit, email, or call

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